Wagering Party Games

What’s a party without games?  And what’s a Derby party without wagering games? No need to worry about what games to play at your Derby Day Soiree @ Your Place! 

You don’t need to know a thing about betting.  Plus you can always play with pennies or Skittles or M&M's!  You can play all these games during the pre-derby coverage and all races on Derby Day, not just the Derby.


First, go to kentuckyderby.com to get the names of the horses running in the Derby and in the 11 undercard races that take place before the Derby. 


Game #1:  The Derby Hat Draw

Ask each guest to contribute a sum of money to a pool.


  • Put the names of all the Derby horses for a particular race in a hat.

  • Allow your guests to draw the name of a horse out of the hat. 

  • Whoever has the name of the horse who wins the race wins the pool.


Game #2: Horse Auction Action

Hold a Thoroughbred auction and auction off each horse in the race


  • The favorite will go for a higher price than the longshot

  • Add the auction sums to a pool

  • Whoever purchased the winning horse at auction wins the pool 


Game #3: Lucky Longshots


  • Bet which horse will finish last, instead of first

  • Apply the “last place wins” rule to the above games

Game #4: Vegas at the Derby


Wager on whether the following Derby Day traditions will go over or under the time allotted below.


  •  2:15 How long it will take Piper Madison to sing the national anthem

  • :90 How long it will take the crowd to sing My Old Kentucky Home

  • 2:00 The time length of the race

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